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Dr. Lena Allen-Shore, philosopher, poet, writer and educator, has authored 13 books, composed over 100 songs and written a Cantata performed in Poland for the anniversary celebrating the liberation of Auschwitz.

Founder of the Lena-Allen Shore Center located in Philadelphia, she offers courses for teachers in art, philosophy and history. Dr. Shore has
created 28 accredited interdisciplinary courses dealing with the meaning of life, prejudice, communication and the importance of art in
education under the auspices of Gratz College.

Poem of the Month

"The Card Players"

  Do you like the game of cards?

Do you know

how to concentrate on every move?

Do you know the game of life?

It is up to you to learn,

to concentrate and  … win.


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Flowers for the Apostle of Hope












Song of the Month





Building Bridges

This book combines an account of Pope John Paul's life with an account of the author's own life, including her experiences growing up in Poland and her Jewish family's narrow escapes from Nazi death camps.